Three Sold at once

Simultaneous sale of three 1834 Capped Head quarter eagles with the “E Pluribus Unum” motto on the reverse was announced by Fort Lauderdale, Fla., dealer Tom Pilitowski.
Sale price was not disclosed, but Pilitowski said it was in six figures. Coin Market lists the coin at $85,000 in MS-60 condition.

Two of the coins sold were graded MS-61 by the Professional Coin Grading service. One was graded XF-45 by the service.

All three coins were sent through Numismatic Guaranty Corp.’s Photo Proof process.

Also called the Turban Head, the 1834 $2.50 gold piece with motto is extremely rare. Walter Breen noted its appearance at auction only 15 times, with some specimens appearing more than once.

Pilitowski believes the sale of three pieces at once is without precedent, though the coins went to two separate buyers. A Midwest physician purchased two and a collector on the West Coast bought the third.

Original mintage was 4,000, but the bulk of the mintage was believed melted because the United States began a recoinage program at the same time that reduced the gold weight of the gold denominations by about six percent.

The specific coins sold were: PCGS No. 6547149, XF-45: PCGS No. 6546346, MS-61: and PCGS No. 2656103, MS-61.

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